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Andray Blatche Threatens To Fight 'Haters' Over Twitter

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UPDATE: Blatche claims his account was hacked. Come on man. 

UPDATE: The Wizards are taking him at his word and not disciplining him. 

This hasn't been the easiest season for Andray Blatche. I can understand if he is starting to get a little frustrated. But this? This I can't understand. Last night Blatche engaged in twitter fights with a few different users, even challenging one of them to an actual factual fist fight. I can't link the tweets individually because they might have been taken down, but you can see them here.

We'll put the rest of them after the jump, but here is my favorite.

like I said I'm done with this fake internet thing if u wanna see meet me saturday after game I can throw these things homie

That is not the best look for a professional athlete. More incriminating tweets after the jump, but be warned, there is some bad language.

as ugly as u r u shouldnt say nothin

if I'm so called soft next time u see me say sum then only punks talk bad over internet

oh well I'm a rich piece of shit so wat are u I can buy and sell u and ur family

ok let's do this so everyone can see wat u bout let's meet n dc saturday after my game

money talks I can wear watever and still beat ur moms

To be fair, people that say whatever they want because they have the anonymous protection of Twitter are the negative side of the technology. The people who instigated this behavior are to blame as well. But we don't know any of their names, and they don't play for the Washington Wizards. Blatche needs to understand that these are just meaningless haters, and responding like this can only be a bad thing.

Because the others are anonymous, he gets all the negative attention, even though it isn't entirely his fault. Nobody wants to be pushed around, but you're in the public eye, you have to know better than this.