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Magic Vs. Wizards: Magic Lead Wizards 51-49 At Half In Gilbert Arenas' Return

Hey, the Wizards are back in this game, trailing the Magic 51-49 at halftime after it looked like Orlando would run away with this one early.

Washington received good minutes off the bench up front from Trevor Booker (4 points, 5 rebounds, 4 blocks) Yi Jianlian (6 points, 3 rebounds). That was big since the Magic hurt the Wizards inside in the first quarter (18-10 advantage on points in the paint, 16-9 advantage on the glass).

We mentioned the Wizards poor interior defense in the preview, and sure enough Dwight Howard has 13 points and nine rebounds at the half, while Ryan Anderson added 10 points and four boards. Booker played 9:36 minutes in the first half, but that number should probably increase in the second half. We'll see if it does.

As for your Gilbert Arenas update? The agent formerly known as Zero finished the half with six points and two steals, but has missed all three attempts from behind the three-point line.