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Magic Vs. Wizards: Magic Widening Lead, Up 73-64 After Third Quarter

Dwight Howard took two mid-range jump shots toward the end of the third quarter, making one. It's not garbage time in Washington yet, but it feels a little bit like that as the Magic have pushed their lead to nine points -- score: 73-64 -- against the Wizards.

Howard is leading the Magic with 22 points and has only missed one shot (10-of-11 from the field).

John Wall has 12 points, 5 rebounds and four assists, but he also has three turnovers, and has had trouble handling the ball in transition. That has contributed to the Wizards 14 turnovers compared to six for the Magic. Orlando has 10 steals. Meanwhile, Nick Young has missed nine of his 15 shots.

Orlando is having a horrible shooting night -- 31-for-75 from the field -- but Washington has failed to capitalize because it keeps giving the ball away. Well, that and Washington isn't shooting to well itself.