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Is The Wizards Road Losing Streak Worse Than The Cavaliers' Losing Streak?

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Let me start off by warning that this is going to be a hard argument to make either way. It's a matter of preference, really. Do you like your agony long and drawn out over the course of an entire season? Or would you prefer it to come in one small, albeit six week, package.

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their 25th consecutive game last night, which sets a new NBA record. The Cavaliers are really, really bad this year (which is good for me, because I've always wanted to know just how much better LeBron James was than Joey Graham, strictly in terms of wins. So thanks for settling that debate). But is it possible that the Wizards road losing streak is actually worse than this? Not likely, but definitely worth asking.

The Wizards still haven't won a game on the road this season. They've lost the first 25 of the season, just as many games there as the Cavaliers have lost in a row. So which one is worse?

The Wizards streak is bad because it shows a team that lacks confidence. Once they get out of their own building and lose the support of their home fans, they can't do what they need to win. It means that you can basically write off every other game the Wizards play as a loss, at least up to this point.

But the Cavs' futility is worse, I think. They haven't won a game since December 18th against the Knicks, and even lost another 10 in a row before that win. It's been a tough season for Cavs fans and players alike. Watching the end of the game last night against the Mavs was painful. They had a shot to win, but they hadn't won in so long that it looked like they almost forgot how to. At least the Wizards have confidence when they play at home; the Cavs have lost it entirely.

I'm hoping for my own selfish reasons that both streaks continue until the Cavs host the Wizards on the 13th, which would mean just two more losses for the Cavs. No matter what happens in that game, a losing streak of historical proportions will come to an end. I just hope that it's the Wizards'.

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