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Clippers Vs. Wizards: Blake Griffin Has 16 Points, Clippers Lead 38-27

Blake Griffin has been incredibly productive for the Los Angeles Clippers in the first quarter against the Washington Wizards. Griffin already has 16 points, as the Clippers lead 38-27 after one.


Griffin has all of his points without even having one slam dunk. He's shown a nice bank shot and has been able to get to the free-throw line nine times. This kind of hyper-efficiency is something Griffin isn't necessarily known for, but this is what happens when Yi Jianlian spends a lot of time guarding you. Griffin actually objected to Yi slamming him in the face on one play, but that's all Yi's been able to do to stop him.

The Wizards, meanwhile, haven't been able to throw the ball into the basket at all. They are shooting just X percent from the field, and as weird as it may sound, they clearly miss Andray Blatche. John Wall is keeping the Wizards in it with 12 points, including a nice drive at the end.