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Clippers Vs. Wizards: Los Angeles Takes 91-73 Lead After Third Quarter

The Washington Wizards held Blake Griffin to zero points in the third quarter. Great, right? Not exactly. As it turns out, the rest of the Clippers have hurt the Wizards. Led by Mo Williams, the Clippers have a 91-73 lead after three quarters.

The Wizards made a rally to get back to within four points, but they could not get over the hump and ended up letting the game get away from them. The Clippers outscored the Wizards 20-6 to end the quarter, running a layup line around the rim. Los Angeles has gotten out in transition and converted those opportunities into dunks and layups, as the Wizards stood and watched. 

Griffin leads the Clippers with 26 points, while Williams has 22, 11 in the third quarter. John Wall has 25 points, but has already taken 21 shots through three quarters, which is most definitely way too many shot attempts.