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Wizards Vs. Bulls: JaVale McGee Gets Triple-Double, But Washington Loses, 98-79

The Washington Wizards hung around against the Chicago Bulls, but eventually fell 98-79. The real intrigue, though, is that JaVale McGee submitted one of the most unique stat lines one will ever see. McGee finished with a triple double, posting 11 points, 12 rebounds and a remarkable 12 blocked shots.

In fact, McGee already had the rebounds and blocks, with just the points to come in the final minutes. He scored and drew a foul, but missed a free throw to leave him with nine points. That meant the Wizards kept running plays for him, which went predictably. Finally, he set a screen for John Wall, and Wall found him when he was trapped under the basket for the slam dunk and the triple double. Naturally, McGee was called for a technical foul for hanging on the rim. 

Derrick Rose led the Bulls with 23 points, and Luol Deng added 20. Jordan Crawford had a game-high 27 points, though only six came after halftime.