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VIDEO: Kevin McHale Is 'Not Impressed' With JaVale McGee's Triple Double

We've already talked about JaVale McGee's triple double last night. When you look at this stat line, it's the 12 blocks that jumps off the page. But it was the 11 points, specifically the struggle for the last two, that caught the attention of the NBATV crew.

We'll transcribe McHale's displeasure after the jump.

First a little context. The way they edited the video makes McGee look really bad. I think we all can admit that he is not the most gifted offensive player, but to show all of his failed possessions one after another like that is just hard to watch. Then, McGee finally gets the dunk to seal his triple double and earns a technical for excessive celebration. That's when McHale takes him to task.

You're down 20, and you get a triple double, I am not impressed. Do not show me that in highlight again, I am done with that, that is terrible . . . He was shooting it four feet over the basket and dribbling it out of bounds trying to get a triple double.

He kind of has a point. That may be the kind of basketball that is giving Flip Saunders a callous on his lip.