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Nets Vs. Wizards: John Wall, Washington Trails 56-43 At Halftime

Oof. The Wizards trail the Nets by a score of 56-43 at the end of the first half on Sunday afternoon at the Verizon Center. Washington will need to wake up in the second half if it hopes to end its six-game losing streak.

Here was head coach Flip Saunders before the game: "The one advantage I'm hoping we have is that we've got a lot of college guys, young guys and those guys are used to playing 1 O'clock games."

Yeah, not so much. The Wizards have failed to defend, allowing the Nets to shoot 61 percent from the floor in the first quarter before settling in to finish the half at 56.5 percent. Deron Williams is out with a wrist injury for the Nets, but you almost wouldn't know it the way Jordan Farmar has played. He finished with 11 assists in the first half -- or two more than Washington.

Meanwhile, the Wizards have hit only 45.2 percent of their field goal attempts. John Wall leads the Wizards with 12 points, but he's also missed several bunnies, leaving fast-break points on the table.

Maybe the Wizards will get some coffee in the locker room at halftime.