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NBA Power Rankings: Wizards Are The 28th Best Team In The League

I chose to use that phrasing in the headline because it sounds better, albeit marginally, than saying that they are the third worst team in the NBA. SB Nation just came out with their latest edition of the NBA Power Rankings, and the Wizards have moved up a little bit, but still find themselves in a pretty disappointing position. And, in an effort to kick Wizards fans while their down I'm assuming, they caution not to get too excited about Jordan Crawford even though he has been putting up a lot of points lately.

Don't get too excited about Jordan Crawford's play of late. Sure, he's scoring quite a bit (14 per game over the last 10). But his shooting has been rather awful. His True Shooting percentage as a Wizard: .466.

So you can go ahead and ignore that thing that could have been interpreted as a silver lining in the second half of the season. Can the Draft just get here already?