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Wizards Vs. Trail Blazers: Season Continues To Be A learning Experience For Wizards Rookies

The Wizards started a five game road trip last night with a loss against the Blazers, a game in which they weren't very close right from the jump. This was just the latest loss where the Wizards didn't look like they even belonged on the same court as their opponents. According to Michael Lee at the Washington Post, John Wall is hoping that he and the other rookies can take this season as a learning experience.

“It’s tough with injuries, but you can’t blame it on what we didn’t have,” said Wall, who scored just nine points and missed 9 of 12 from the floor. “As a young group, you have to play hard and compete. When we do that, we’re basically in just about every game. But the nights we don’t do it, teams are too talented and they blow us out.

“We’re really learning what it takes -- you’ve got to compete and play hard,” Wall said. “It’s a lot of rookies out here still learning the NBA game and we’re doing the best we can. and all we can do is try to get better the rest of the season and then using the offseason, really focus on watching film and figure out what you really need to work on.”