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Wizards Vs. Clippers: Eric Gordon Three Sends Game to Double Overtime

Moments after getting called for an apparent backcourt violation, John Wall stood at the free throw line with a chance to ice the game up 112-110 with seven seconds left. Wall hit the the first, but missed the second -- opening the door for the Clippers to have one last chance down three points. Eric Gordon made the Wizards pay, hitting a three with one second left to send the game to double overtime.

It was the second time a young Wizard failed to hit a crucial free throw. At the end of regulation, Jordan Crawford went to the line with 21 seconds left and the Wizards trailing by two. He got the first free throw to go in, but the second rolled off the rim.

JaVale McGee's fifth block protected a two-point lead, leading up to the Wall free throws. But McGee also bit hard on Gordon's pump fake, setting up a wide open look for the game-tying three. Man, what a game.