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Wizards Vs. Clippers: Flip Saunders Told Team To Foul, Not To Bite On Pump Fakes

We already showed you the video of Eric Gordon's game-tying three pointer in overtime against the Wizards last night, but now we have a look inside the play from Michael Lee of the Washington Post's Wizards Insider. Right before that shot, Flip Saunders told his team to foul so that they wouldn't allow a three-pointer (which they didn't do), and specifically not to bite on pump fakes (and we know how that turned out).

The Wizards were prepared for the Clippers to set a screen, possibly two, to free Eric Gordon -- and they did. The plan was for the Wizards to switch off the expected screen from Clippers center Chris Kaman and to foul, since they had a foul to give. Saunders also told his players not to leave their feet to give their opponent any clean looks at the basket.

Then the play folded out exactly like they had predicted, except for the Wizards reaction to it. They didn't foul, and JaVale McGee nearly jumped out of his shoes on the pump fake; which surprised Maurice Evans.

“Coach told us not to jump on a three, because they needed a three to [tie],” said Maurice Evans, who started out guarding Gordon on the play. “I’m like okay, JaVale is long. He can use his length. He doesn’t even have to attempt a block.”

As we all know, that's not exactly how it worked out. The three pointer was good, and the Clippers ended up winning the game in double overtime. I didn't think that McGee's play at the end of the game could get any worse, but now we know that he was specifically asked not to, so here we are.