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VIDEO: John Wall Ejected After Punching Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Everyone hates the Miami Heat it seems, and so does John Wall. The Wizards star didn't take too kindly to Zydrunas Ilgauskas' elbows and decided to take a swing at him, leading to a brawl of sorts that ended with Wall, Ilgauskas and Miami's Juwan Howard ejected.

The play began when Wall was pressuring Ilgauskas at the top of the key, and Ilgauskas swung his elbows to try to clear space. Two struck Wall in the face, and Wall got fed up and swung at Ilgauskas' chest. Ilgauskas didn't like that and tried to power over Wall, causing both teams to come to the players' defense. 

Wall absolutely deserved to be ejected, because his swing was a punch, and Ilgauskas might as well go with him. But the fact that Howard also got ejected is both hilarious and sad. See, Howard, for the second time this season, decided to play "peacemaker" by blatantly targeting a member of the Wizards, this time JaVale McGee. McGee was rushing to his teammates' defense, but then Howard decided to get in there and break everything up ... by taking a shot at McGee. McGee wanted to go at him, and I don't blame him. Hey, Juwan, maybe try being a little more peaceful when being a peacemaker.

(video via @blazersedge. GIF of Wall's punch below via @bubbaprog).