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Heat Vs. Wizards: John Wall Throws Punch, Gets Ejected, Miami Leads 63-52

When the dust settled on the most eventful first half as we've seen, the Miami Heat led the Wizards by a score of 63-52. However, the game action took a back seat to a blow up that ended with ejections for John Wall, Zydrudnas Ilguaskas and Juwon Howard.

The incident occurred in the second quarter. Big Z used his elbow once to clear out space, brushing back Wall in the head. He did it again, which prompted Wall to swing off. More pushing and shoving followed. Video below courtesy of @BlazersEdge. SB Nation DC overlordMike Prada wrote more about the John Wall punch here.

The excitement from the fracas has muted the return of Andray Blatche, who has been effective if not explosive in his return. He told me before the game that the main difference between how he feels now is that he can actually shoot the ball. Fair enough. Blatche has put that ability to work with 11 points to go with seven rebounds. Still not much lift around the basket, but what can you do.

Dwyane Wade has picked up where he left off, killing the Wizards. He leads the Heat with 22 points.