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The Wizards React To John Wall's Ejection

We already showed you the video of John Wall's altercation with Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and broke down the ludicrous aftermath, but we haven't yet heard from the man himself or his teammates that were involved in the scuffle. So let's go to Michael Lee at the Washington Post's Wizards Insider for the deets.When asked about his future, Wall said:

"I can’t worry that about that right now, just try to keep practicing and try to get ready for the next game and see what decision the league makes," said Wall, who had two points and five assists before getting tossed with 8 minutes, 46 seconds left in the second quarter. "I’m disappointed with how I reacted to it. I let my teammates. I let my organization down."

Sounds like a young kid who made a mistake. I'm sure the league will punish him for it in some capacity, but this isn't going to change how I feel about him. More from the other Wizards after the jump.

"Guy hit him in the face and obviously, he wasn’t having it. I went over there to break it up and Juwan wanted to blindside push me or whatever," said (JaVale) McGee, who squared up like he was ready to rumble with Howard before Coach Flip Saunders stepped in to push him away.

As for head coach Flip Saunders, he was ready to identify a silver lining in the fight, no matter how small.

"That’s good that we’re protecting each other, but if we’re going to do stuff like that, we’ve got to be better and just get a technical or try to get nothing, try not to get ejected out of the game,"

I was happy to see that the rest of the Wizards had Wall's back, I just wish that he had reacted in such away that backup wouldn't have been necessary. But the past is the past, and once the likely suspension is over, I'm sure we'll all be able to move on. Except of course for Juwan Howard; I don't think that guy has an off-switch.