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Andray Blatche Injury: Shoulder Sprain Comes At A Bad Time For The Wizards

Andray Blatche suffered a shoulder sprain in the first quarter of the wizards game against the Bucks last night. The severity of the injury is still unknown, and a timetable for his return has not been set.

Injuries are starting to mount up for the Wizards, and depth at the forward positions is starting to become a little bit of a concern, according to Gene Wang of the Washington Post. They still don't have Rashard Lewis or Josh Howard, and Cartier Martin missed last night's game as well. It's starting to wear on John Wall.

"It's tough having a lot of people out," rookie point guard John Wall said. "We didn't really have a true small forward, and Mo did a great job doing as much as he can without knowing all the plays. It was tough to lose Dray. That gave other people an opportunity to step up, and tonight, they didn't step up in that position, and nobody else stepped up in the other positions."

They will need to get some of those players back and healthy if they want to start playing a little bit better. The season is kind of lost already, but the Wizards can build some positive momentum heading into next year.