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Cavaliers Vs. Wizards: Cleveland Leads 57-52 At Half, But Andray Blatche Looks Good In Return To Starting Lineup

Andray Blatche returned to the starting lineup in his second game back since injuring his shoulder, and he looks good. Still, the Cavaliers lead the John Wall-less Wizards by a score of 57-52 at halftime in D.C.

Blatche told me the difference between how he feels now and when he was out is that he can shoot the ball now -- fair enough. And shoot it he has, taking 18 of Washington's 50 shot attempts in the first half. He hit 50 percent of those field goals, and leads all scorers with 22 points at the break.

Blatche also has 11 offensive rebounds (12 total) in the first half. This stat just actually broke my Internet. The Wizards have 17 offensive boards, the Cavs have 19 rebounds total.

JaVale McGee has 12 points on 5-of-7 shooting in a supporting role. Jordan Crawford has been relatively quiet with six points, though he's always a threat to explode in the second half.

The Cavaliers have struggled to shoot the ball, missing nine of 11 attempts from three-point land. J.J. Hickson has 16 points to lead Cleveland, while Ramon Session has 12 off the bench.