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Wizards Share Their Favorite Moments from 2010/11 Season

It was a bumpy ride, but now that the 2010-11 season is coming to a close, the Wizards reflect on their favorite memories from the season.

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Let's reflect, you guys. The 2010-2011 Wizards season ends on Wednesday night in Cleveland so with the team playing its last home game on Monday, I asked players to look back on their favorite memories from the year.

Despite the lumps taken during the season, the Wizards had plenty to say. So sit cross-legged around the metaphorical SB Nation DC campfire, fire up the Green Day on the YouTube player below, and let's take a look back at the season that was.

John Wall

Favorite? The road win in Cleveland. To be honest, that was good to get the road win so we wouldn't have to be talking about it and then getting the other one to go down in history. That being the best part. And then just being with my teammates and getting new teammates, here and there and just learning.

Nick Young

Probably my 43-point game. I've been playing for that. Just how it feel when I'm just, just making shots, really.

JaVale McGee

Just being out there with my teammates. Just getting close wins.

Othyus Jeffers

Coming here, working hard ... starting my first game -- so that was probably the highlight of this. But coming here, making a difference and winning. Since I've been here, we've put some wins on the board, we playing like a team. I'm just glad to be here.

Kevin Seraphin

When I'm with Book and Hamady, that's my favorite moment, that's the best. That's that best moment I can have. When I just enjoy with him [motions to Booker], enjoy with him [motions to Hamady], I'm enjoying myself.

Hamady N'diaye

Can you count 365 days of just being an NBA player? Every moment for me was great. Just being with the team even when we lost the games and everything. Just the fact that I shared this moment with these guys. It's a special group, for my first year in the NBA.

Head Coach Flip Saunders

You know what, only one guy has a favorite moment, and that's the guy that's holding the trophy up at the end. Every other team has disappointment and our season ending is going to be as tough as in another 10 days when some of these other teams are going fishing too.

Now for the REALLY fun part: What was your favorite moment or memory from the 2010-11 Wizards season (and you can't say, "the end.")? Let's get the discussion rolling in the comments.