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Wizards Vs. Cavs Preview: John Wall, Washington Finish Season In Cleveland

So, I wrote the Wizards vs. Cavaliers preview on Tuesday. It's true. Check below in the stream. I was getting so emotional about the season ending. No more John Wall, Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee. No more Othyus Jeffers, Jordan Crawford or Kevin Seraphin. Not until next year, at least, once this game is over.

Remember when we watched all those games together when the world was watching March Madness? This is like that, except I suspect much of D.C. will be watching the Capitals vs. Rangers, in Game 1 of their NHL Playoff matchup. (And if that interests you, SB Nation DC has you covered.)

At this point, I could give you some STATS and FACTS before the game, but that's probably not necessary for this one. Instead, go read the "And So It Ends ..." post from Mike Prada at Bullets Forever. It's worth your time.

One bonus of this double-preview (and again if you want the original, just scroll down) is that I can write a little more freely. So in summation, one last thing: Today, I produced a feature on the Wizards favorite moments from the 2010-11 season. (Oh, you didn't read it? Click here to read it ...) Let me share mine. It was probably writing the post "Andray Blatche Presents: A Gentleman's Guide to Room Service."

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