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Wizards Vs. Cavs, NBA Scores: Washington Falls 100-93 In Season Finale

Call me crazy, but I don't think the Wizards had any designs of winning vs. the Cavs. And it worked! The Wizards managed to squeak out a 100-93 loss, thus "clinching" the fourth-worst record in the NBA and more ping pong ball in the upcoming 2011 NBA Draft Lottery.

Jordan Crawford played the most minutes of any starter at just over 30 minutes. Here were the starters minutes:

(Image via

Andray Blatche did manage to throw up 20 points in his 24 minutes. You just can't hold a good man down.

The bench couldn't do enough to stop the Cavaliers vaunted attack. As such, Cleveland got revenge for the embarrassment of being the first team to lose to the Wizards at home this season.

The big difference for Cleveland was at the free throw line, where the Cavaliers had 25 makes compared to just 11 points at the line for the Wizards.

This is the last game of the season for the Wizards, who finish with 23 wins and 59 losses. But the Wizards also won six of their last 10 games. They have John Wall. Things are looking up and should turn around -- at some point.

It's been a fun season -- sometimes -- at SB Nation DC. Many thanks for lending us your eyeballs and continued support.