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JaVale McGee Shows He's Goofier Than You Think

JaVale McGee is one of the least talkative people to reporters in the Wizards locker room. This week, though, McGee decided it was time to open up a little bit. 

First, he decided to use his I-Pad, normally there to visualize the team's plays, to poke fun at Kevin Seraphin. Via Michael Lee of the Washington Post, as well as TBJ.

JaVale McGee pulled out his iPad2, tapped the screen, leaned back in front of his locker room stall and started laughing.

"Kevin," McGee said, calling over rookie Kevin Seraphin, who made the blooper reel during the Wizards' 100-93 season finale loss in Cleveland. Late in the first period, Jordan Crawford spotted Seraphin cutting to the basket and made a beautiful no-look pass. Problem was, Seraphin wasn't looking either and the ball popped him in the face before going out of bounds.

Crawford looked at the screen and asked, "That's already on the Internet?"

"Yeah," McGee said with a laugh, as he showed the replay to Seraphin.

Seraphin stared blankly at the screen and quietly walked away as McGee continued to laugh.

That's kind of mean. Oh well. Anyway, McGee followed that up with a bunch of goofy lines at the team's final media availability on Thursday. A transcript is over at Capital Games, and it includes the following:

On John Wall's performance as team captain:
"I didn't know he was the captain. But, since you said it...I really didn't notice it I guess."


On his tendency to try to handle the ball like a point guard despite being 7 feet tall:
"I wasn't always 7 foot, and I always had ball handling. But everybody makes mistakes in their life, right?"

On coach Flip Saunders getting mad about such point guard tendencies and whether he'd try to rectify that:
"Definitely, but everybody can't be happy. We're all imperfect, nobody can expect me to be perfect."

I could have made a wittier joke here, but everybody makes mistakes in their life. Isn't that right, JaVale?