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JaVale McGee Is 'Name That Tune' Champion

There are two reasons to blog about Sarah Schorno Kogod's post on NBC's Capital Games blog about how JaVale McGee always seems to get the Wizards' "Name That Tune" songs right. The first is this exchange McGee had with Trevor Booker when the subject was broached.


↵↵Capital Games: "How is it that you were able to get all of them right?"
Javale: "I listen to a lot of music..."
Trevor: "He cheated."
JaVale: " mom and my dad..."
Trevor: "It's ‘cause he cheated."
JaVale: "..they listened to a lot of stuff when I was growing up."
Trevor: "Because he cheated."
JaVale: "He's just jealous. He's sad."    


The second is that it provides an excuse to link to this video, where Nick Young has no idea who sings "My Heart Will Go On." The Wizards played this one multiple times over the course of the season, and it never failed to crack us up. Maybe JaVale should give Nick some lessons.