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Pistons Vs. Wizards: John Wall Puts Detroit On Ice In 107-105 Win

This was the most exciting game the second and fifth-worst teams in a conference have ever played in the final weeks of an NBA season. Well, who knows if that's true, but the Wizards did beat the Pistons 107-105 on Tuesday night is a fun one at the Verizon Center.

The boos rained down at the Verizon Center as Greg Monroe stepped to the free throw line, the Pistons trailing by two points. 10 seconds left. He bricked the first sending Andray Blatche fist-pumping into the lane. When he missed the second, Blatche grabbed the rebound and sank two free throws to seemingly ice the game.

It wasn't quite over -- Austin Daye hit a three-pointer and Wall made just one of two free throws. Trailing by two, Detroit had one final chance with 1.9 seconds left. Austin Daye got a good look at a three that was thisclose to going down. Verizon exhaled and Washington walked away with its first three-game win streak of the season.

Once again, it was Wall late. He found JaVale McGee for a bucket off a drive in the paint to tie the game at 102 and then finished on the fast break to push Washington ahead 104-102 with 14.8 seconds left.

NOTE: I'm going down for interviews. Might have more later!