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Hawks Vs. Wizards: Washington Bashing The 'We-Could-Care-Less' Hawks

The Wizards are playing with a lot of energy. Of course, it helps that the Hawks don't seem to care about this game. Like, at all. And so, by virtue of their engagement, Washington leads 88-72 at the end of the third quarter.

Let's look at some "effort" statistics. The Hawks are not defending with enthusiasm, allowing Washington to shoot 55 percent from the field. They're getting killed on the boards and hurt in transition. Andray Blatche is doing work.

That said, let's not completely discredit the Wizards. John Wall has made wise decisions on the fast-break for the most part, and as 12 points and 6 assists. Jordan Crawford has been somewhat limited by foul trouble, but to his credit has not forced the issue terribly on offense. That could have been expected since he is going up against his former team -- and he likes to gun no matter the situation.

It's unclear what to take from this game. But one thing is for sure: the Hawks might be headed to the playoffs but the Wizards aren't the ones playing like their season is over.