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Pictures Of The Wizards New Logo And Jerseys

The Washington Wizards held a press conference this morning to unveil a new logo and two new jerseys at the Verizon Center. They have not yet unveiled the jerseys at the Verizon Center, but the jerseys are alredy up on the newly designed team store. You can find them here. We'll bring you a few more pictures, including the red away jerseys, as soon as they become available form the press conference. Here is a quick preview.


The jerseys are an obvious throwback to the old Bullets jerseys that had the stripes. But it has been updated a little bit and appears a little bit more streamlined and modern. We'll post the red away jersey as soon as it becomes available.

As promised, there are two new jerseys. A white home edition, and red jerseys that they will be wearing on the road. The whole color scheme is red white and blue, which makes them fit in with the Capitals and Mystics with which they share the building; and it certainly makes a lot more sense than the teal they used to wear.