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Ted Leonsis On The Wizards Jersey Changes

We don't know a lot about the new jerseys and logo that the Wizards will unveil this morning at the Verizon Center. But we do know that their new color scheme will be red white and blue, and that they will hearken back to the more glorious days of the franchise. Ted Leonsis just made a post on his blog about the new jerseys, and while he didn't reveal too much, he did let us in a little bit.

I am also hopeful that we can create a new iconic mark that will make its way to less expensive merchandise such as hats and t-shirts so that many people can represent our franchise and that they will be proud to wear the mark and think it looks sharp, simple and is a badge that represents us locally!

But those of you expecting the team to change their name as well might be disappointed.

As noted, we could not and did not change the name of the team. We were able - by NBA rules - to change the color motif; add some new word marks and logos; change up how we present that pallet; and bring to you - in one season - a new look and feel.

If they can't change the name of the team, this is a pretty good compromise.