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A Better Look At The New Wizards Jerseys

The Washington Wizards unveiled a totally new look this morning at the Verizon Center. We already showed you a picture of John Wall and Jordan Crawford sporting the duds on stage, but that was a little grainy and hard to see. We now have a better and clearer idea of what the jerseys are going to look like. Here is the home white.


The bars across the front of the jersey are an obvious reference to the Bullets, but in a way that is more updated and a little bit more streamlined. They gave the font across the chest a new look, and even threw the Washington Monument in the top part of the "D." Even the all lower case look is a throwback to the Bullets days. Here are the away red jerseys.


With the shorts on also, it is a lot of red to take in at a time. The team might look a little outrageous out there on the floor. But the scheme is still good, and the use of color is excellent. We can see the Washington Monument again in the top part of the lower case "H" in Washington.