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PHOTOS: New Wizards Jerseys Already Featured In Practice Hallway

WASHINGTON, D.C. - It didn't take long for the Washington Wizards to show off their new jerseys all across the Verizon Center. As soon as the Wizards officially unveiled the new look on Tuesday morning, they immediately began tearing down the pictures of the old jerseys across the Verizon Center and replaced them with shots of the new ones.

This is particularly striking along the Wizards' practice court. For several years, the Wizards had pictures of their players hanging in the hallway leading to the practice court. They've changed those photos several times to account for trades and other roster moves, but all those pictures had previously been of the old jerseys. That's just not the case anymore. A Wizards staffer told me that as soon as the announcement was made, someone pulled down the old photos are replaced them with pictures of players in the new uniforms.

Those pictures are below the jump. I hope you enjoy JaVale McGee saluting as much as I do.