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Is Next Step To Wizards' New Jerseys A Name Change To 'Monuments?'

We all know that the most obvious follow-up issue to the Wizards' new uniforms, logo and colors is what to do about the team name. Owner Ted Leonsis skirted around the issue at Tuesday's ceremony, instead preferring to note how difficult a name change would be. But he didn't exactly close the door shut on a name change sometime in the distant future.

So naturally, it's time to begin the speculation about what the hypothetical new name might be. Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, with help from a couple others, has a theory about that.

Steinberg noted all the references to the Washington Monument in the organization and new logo and wonders whether the new name might be "Washington Monuments." I admit: it's hard to argue with a lot of the things he presents. The logo features a Washington Monument on the "D." The new ownership group is called Monumental Sports and Entertainment. The new alternate logo has the monument in it. Etc.

Go check it out for yourself and decide if it's all a coincidence or not.