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John Wall Is Not A Unanimous First-Team All-Rookie Selection

The NBA All-Rookie teams were announced just now in a press release, and as expected, Wizards rookie John Wall made the first team. However, there was one thing that was unexpected: he didn't make it unanimously.

The NBA rookie teams are voted on by the coaches, with each mandated to rank 10 rookies in order while also not voting for one of their own players. Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin was in the top five on all 29 of the coaches' ballots. Wall? One coach, and we don't know who, placed him on the second team. 

How this happened, I don't know. But it happened, and I have no idea how. These are very smart men who voted on the award, so I can't really explain it. The full teams below the jump, with the point totals (first-place votes worth two points, second-place votes worth one) in parenthesis.

First team: Blake Griffin (58), John Wall (57), Landry Fields (56), DeMarcus Cousins (54) and Gary Neal (44)

Second team: Greg Monroe (42), Wes Johnson (26), Eric Bledsoe (19),Derrick Favors (18), Paul George (14)

Others receiving votes: Ed Davis (10, one vote for first team), Jordan Crawford (12), Evan Turner (12), Gordon Hayward (7), Omer Asik (6, one vote for first team), Patrick Patterson (5), Al-Farouq Aminu (3), Tiago Splitter (3), Trevor BookerChristian EyengaEkpe Udoh (1 each).