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NBA Draft 2011: Washington Wizards Rate Derrick Williams As No. 1 Prospect, According To Report

The Washington Wizards will know exactly what pick they will get in the 2011 NBA Draft after Tuesday night's NBA Draft lottery, but already, the debate has begun over which player tops their draft board. Duke's Kyrie Irving is likely not that guy because of the presence of John Wall, so who is it?

On Monday, ESPN's Chad Ford speculated that it might actually be Kentucky recruit Enes Kanter. However, Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick reports that it's actually Arizona's Derrick Williams.

And as for the notion of the Wiz possibly taking Kanter No. 1 if they got the pick, I'm told they have Williams atop their board.    

Also, Amick reports that if the Wizards took Kanter, it would mean one of their big men would be traded, likely Andray Blatche or JaVale McGee.

If they took Kanter, they would likely have also involved a major trade of a frontcourt member.    

This is all a guessing game at this point, because there is so much time left until the actual draft, but it's interesting nonetheless.