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2011 NBA Mock Draft Has Wizards Taking Jonas Valanciunas Over Enes Kanter

Draft Express has just released its first 2011 NBA Mock Draft that takes team needs into account, hours before the 2011 NBA Draft lottery. With the fourth pick, Draft Express has the Wizards taking European big man Jonas Valanciunas while passing on Enes Kanter.

Valanciunas is certainly more experienced than Kanter, but there are questions about how his game will translate to the NBA and whether he will be bought out from his European club team for next season. The 19-year old currently plays for Lietuvos Rytas, a Lithuanian club team.

Kanter actually slips all the way to the No. 8 pick, which would be the Cleveland Cavaliers' if the draft order holds. Kyrie Irving is the No. 1 overall pick, while Derrick Williams is second. In a surprise, Draft Express has the Toronto Raptors taking Connecticut's Kemba Walker with the No. 3 overall pick, which is much higher than where many are projecting him to go.