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2011 NBA Draft: Washington Wizards Eyeing Jan Vesely, According To Reports

With over one month left until the 2011 NBA Draft, there is a lot of time for NBA teams to decide which prospects they are interested in drafting. Still, a theme has emerged when it comes to the Washington Wizards and what they would like to do with the No. 6 pick. According to several reports, the Wizards are interested in Czech Republic forward Jan Vesely.

HoopsHype's Aran Smith, in his latest NBA Mock Draft, has the Wizards taking Vesely, saying that the Wizards are "very high on him." Michael Lee of the Washington Post backed up that account in his post-lottery chat.

John Wall has already thrown his support for Kanter, but I've heard that the Wizards have been high on Vesely for some time. It'll be interesting.    

CSN Washington's Frank Hanrahan reports the Wizards are "smitten" with Vesely, but also like Jonas Valanciunas. Here's a Vesely highlight package from YouTube.