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2011 NBA Mock Draft, Washington Wizards: Will Enes Kanter Be On The Board For The Wizards?

Remember the rate at which NFL Mock Drafts started coming out before the big day in April? That's what you can expect the next month to be like before the 2011 NBA Draft late in June. Everyone with a keyboard and access to the Draft order is going to put a mock together, and we'll do our best to pass along the most credible ones to you. Today's edition is from Draft Express, and they have the Wizards taking Turkish big man Enes Kanter with the sixth overall pick. 

Kanter has said in public that he would like to join the Wizards and his friend John Wall in Washington. The biggest obstacle is probably getting past the Cavaliers at four. This Mock has the Cavs taking Jonas Valanciunas, a big man out of Lithuania. I think Kanter is probably a superior prospect (especially considering that Valanciunas replicates a lot of the same stuff that Anderson Varajeo brings to the table) but maybe the Cavs pass if they know that he really does not want to be in Cleveland.

This would be an ideal Draft situation for the Wizards, as they would get what everyone assumes to be their top target without having to move up in the draft and lose more pieces. Kanter would also give them an excuse to try and move Andray Blatche, which I think is something they probably need to do. If Kanter is on the board at six, I think everyone in the Washington organization is pretty ecstatic, and they don't waste a lot of time getting their pick up to the commissioner.