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2011 NBA Draft Combine Results: Chris Singleton Impresses, Kawhi Leonard Struggles In Athletic Testing

The athletic testing results for the 2011 NBA Draft Combine are now public, and a number of surprising numbers resulted. While the figures do not always paint a complete and accurate picture of a prospect's real athleticism, they are interesting.

One potential Washington Wizards draft hopeful that did not fare particularly well is San Diego State forward Kawhi Leonard. Leonard, who is being projected as the Wizards' pick at No. 6 overall in ESPN's Chad Ford latest NBA Mock Draft, did not show off the athleticism he supposedly has. His jumping testing results were abysmal, as he only had a 25.5-inch no-step vertical and a 32-inch maximum vertical. He also only bench-pressed a 185-pound bar three times and finished behind big man Enes Kanter in the lane agility drills.

Chris Singleton, meanwhile, helped himself tremendously. The Wizards' "dark horse" candidate had a 30.5-inch no-step vertical, a 37.5-inch maximum vertical, bench-pressed 185 pounds 15 times and had one of the best 3/4-court sprint times of anyone.

Enes Kanter also fared well, though his vertical leaps (26-inch no-step, 32.5-inch maximum) are only average. He did post a higher lane agility time than Kenneth Faired, Singleton and Leonard.

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