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Terrence Jones Returns To Kentucky, Pulls Out Of 2011 NBA Draft

The list of possible targets for the Washington Wizards has grown even smaller. Already, Ohio State's Jared Sullinger, North Carolina's Harrison Barnes and Baylor's Perry Jones have decided to stay in school. Now, Kentucky's Terrence Jones will join them. Jones announced his decision to stay at Kentucky for his sophomore season, in a news conference on Saturday.

Jones removes yet another possibility for the Wizards at the top of the draft. He played a lot of power forward in his freshman year at Kentucky, but he would likely slot in as a small forward in the NBA. Last season, Jones was outstanding at the beginning of the year, but saw his production tail off a bit down the stretch. He was certainly projected to be a lottery pick, and the Wizards could certainly use a small forward.

Instead, the Wizards must make do with a draft class that increasingly offers a lot of unknowns beyond Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams.