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2011 NBA Draft: Will The Wizards Look For Help In The Front Court?

The 2011 NBA Draft is coming up later this month (happy June everyone) and between now and then you will hear a lot of different people have an opinion about who the Wizards might take with the sixth overall pick. There will be some who think that the team will look to address it's needs at small forward, while others think they may try to replace some of their front court players who may have worn out their welcome.

Scott Howard-Cooper of falls into the later category. In his most recent Mock Draft, he has the Wizards taking Jonas Valancianus. here is his rationale.

Some teams feel Valanciunas, though not ready to make an immediate impact, could turn out to be the best of the international prospects.

My only problem with the pick is that Valanciunas is thought of a defensive minded center. Isn't that what we were hoping JaVale Mcgee would develop into? I would argue that center is the second-most locked up position on the team after point guard.But he is an interesting prospect, and I suppose the Wizards could have him pegged as the sixth best player in the draft.