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Mavericks Win 2011 NBA Finals With Brendan Haywood On Bench

When the Mavericks wrapped up the 2011 NBA Finals on Sunday, the owner of one of the team's largest contracts was sitting on the bench. Brendan Haywood was acquired by the Mavs in a trade last season, then signed a six-year $55 million contract with Dallas this past Summer, presumably to be the starting center.

But the Mavs traded for Tyson Chandler, and Haywood failed to live up to the contract he signed this Summer, while Chandler was a revelation. Haywood graciously conceded his starting role to Chandler (a move that might not have been seen coming based on his tenure with the Wizards) and accepted his role as a back up.

Unfortunately for Haywood, an injury to his hip caused him to miss much of the 2011 NBA Finals. He was in uniform for Game 6, but he was on the bench, unwilling to play. But he is still getting an NBA Championship ring like the rest of the Mavericks.