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2011 NBA Mock Draft: SB Nation Has Wizards Taking Kawhi Leonard

SB Nation just came out with the latest edition of their 2011 NBA Mock Draft, and they have the Wizards taking San Diego State small forward Kawhi Leonard with the sixth overall pick. Here is their rationale.

If the Wizards don't get Vesely, they don't need a point guard. And so: the next best small forward (though many would argue that Marcus Morris deserves more love here). Washington seems sold on Leonard as a solid prospect after his workout in D.C.

This has to be somewhat of a nightmare situation for the Wizards. Their reach pick is off the baord (kanter), and even someone who looked like a safety school two weeks ago (Vessely) is climbing up the board and could be gone by his pick. Leonard is solid, not spectacular. And in this kind of Draft, that actually isn't so bad.

With their second first round pick, they have the Wizards going international and taking Donatas Motiejunas.

The Wizards' mantra has been build build build, and taking a European player who might spend another year overseas can fit that, especially if the team gets immediate help at No. 6.

Motiejunas has lottery talent, but some questions about his passion. At this point in the first round, and with a solid pick already in the bank in Leonard, Motiejunas would probably be a risk worth taking.