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Tween Wave Visits Wizards Draft Workouts

Tuesday morning the Wizards held workouts for four undersized power forwards – or are they over-sized small forwards?

Whatever they are, Chris Singleton of Florida State, Marcus Morris of Kansas, Tyler Honeycutt of UCLA and Tobias Harris of Tennessee showed off their versatile skill-sets for Wizards officials, who could conceivably take any of the four with the number 18 pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

Each player is considered somewhat of a “tweener” by draft experts, meaning that their skill-sets lie somewhere between that of a prototypical small forward and power forward. Such players’ value is usually a hot debate topic around draft time.

At best, they are versatile, athletic stars who can excel at either position, a la Antawn Jamison on offense. At worst, they occupy a front court no-man’s-land because they’re too small to match up at the 4, but too slow to match up at the 3, a la Antawn Jamison on defense.

All four are trying to sell themselves as versatile options for the Wizards, who just might take one of them to add some front-court depth to their bench.