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Deshawn Stevenson Arrested For Public Intoxication, Just as Daniel Tosh Predicted

Apparently Dallas Mavericks guard Deshawn Stevenson celebrated his NBA title a little too hard. The former Wizard was arrested sometime late Tuesday night/ early Wednesday morning for public intoxication, just two days after comedian Daniel Tosh predicted as much on twitter.

The news of Stevenson's arrest might come as a surprise to ... well, no one. Stevenson has long been just as famous for his off-the-court antics (like his Abraham Lincoln tattoo and his well-publicized beef with LeBron James that dates back to his days in DC) as for his on-court abilities to shoot a high three-point field goal percentage and play rugged perimeter defense.

To be fair, Stevenson doesn't have a history of legal troubles, but a wild celebration does not seem in any way out of character for the guy who nearly started a brawl in game 6 of the NBA finals. The only real surprise here is that he wasn't wearing his "Hey Lebron, how's my Dirk taste?" T-shirt in his his mug shot.