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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Enes Kanter To Washington Wizards In Draft Express' Latest

Another updated 2011 NBA Mock Draft that will sing for Wizards fans dreaming of Enes Kanter. First, Chad Ford predicted the Turkish big man would be in Washington and now Draft Express' Jonathan Givony is saying the same.

Here's the blurb from Givony's most recent mock draft:

The Wizards would be ecstatic if Kanter fell to them here. He would solve what they perceive to be their biggest need – rebounding and interior toughness. They don’t believe that will happen at the moment, though, which has led the Wizards to spend significant time evaluating two other favored candidates: Jan Vesely and Kawhi Leonard. If the Jazz draft a guard at No. 3 instead of trading for one, the Wizards could have all three players available here to choose from.

Kanter was once considered to be the best prospect outside Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams, so it was somewhat surprising to see him drop to six in the first place. But now that it's on a couple credible sites, it seems like there could be something to this. Of course, all this with the disclaimer that it's wise to be skeptical of all news in the lead-up to the NBA Draft.

At pick No. 18, the Wizards luck into another Euro big with a falling stock, Donatas Motiejunas. The 7-footer was thought of as a top-10 pick not too long ago. Givony:

This would probably be the lowest Motiejunas drops, and while not really filling much of a need, this could end up being a significant coup for the Wizards. The Lithuanian is a highly skilled and agile 7-footer with great potential as a mismatch scorer in the NBA. He is coming off a solid season playing at a high level in Europe.

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