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2011 NBA Draft: Wizards May Decide Future Of JaVale McGee On Draft Night

There are a lot of questions that will be answered at the 2011 NBA Draft. The most obvious ones are about what the team will do with their first round pick, or if they will choose to make a big trade. But one of the other questions that might be answered is the future of Wizards center JaVale McGee. According to Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner, the Wizards might need to figure out what they want to do with McGee before they can decide what to do in the Draft.

There are two related thoughts that are worth considering. First, notice the importance of role players who gave vital contributions during the recently concluded NBA playoffs. Teams that succeeded were full of players who knew what their jobs were, not freakish, one-dimensional talents. Second, with that in mind, when you envision a Wizards team that gets to and competes in the playoffs, do you see McGee as the starting center? As a backup?

There will be some players on the Draft board who could replace McGee, and the team's feelings about him will likely determine if they decide to go in that direction.