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2011 NBA Draft: Washington Wizards Trying To Trade Up For Derrick Williams, According To Report

The Washington Wizards don't have a ton of intriguing options with the No. 6 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, and it appears the team may know this. The Wizards are reportedly very aggressively trying to trade up in the draft to get in position to pick Arizona's Derrick Williams. Draft Express reports that Washington and Phoenix are trying to pry Minnesota's No. 2 pick away.

Sources say Washington & Phoenix have been the most active teams trying to trade up for Derrick Williams. T'Wolves want a "veteran big man."    

Williams certainly would be a good fit for the Wizards, and he's not a great fit for the Timberwolves because they already have Michael Beasley and Kevin Love. But do the Wizards really have the "veteran big man" the Timberwolves covet? The closest thing is Andray Blatche, but do the Timberwolves want him enough to trade out of the No. 2 pick? If not, the Wizards could use other younger assets like Jordan Crawford, Kevin Seraphin and their own No. 18 pick if the Timberwolves change their mind. Also, they could deal JaVale McGee, who would fill Minnesota's need for a shot-blocker.

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