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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Wizards Take Jan Vesely In Latest SB Nation Mock Draft

The 2011 NBA Draft is just a few days away, and nwe still really have no idea who the Wizards, or any other team after the first overall pick, is going to take. But people still have their opinions, and the latest one is from Tom Ziller at SB Nation, ho just released their latest 2011 NBA Mock Draft. He has the Wizards taking Jan Vesely with the sixth overall pick.

Vesely worked out for teams on Sunday; let's hope he didn't Biyombo himself, because that will really mess up this draft board. (Like it's not already messed up.)

We've talked about Vesely enough here to know how he would fit with the Wizards. He is the kind of open court, run and finish player that the Wizards would like ot put next to the one man fast break, John Wall. Vesely has the tools to be a great defensive player as well, but his offensive game is reportedly lacking. If he develops, he could be similar to AK-47 in his prime in Utah. If not, he becomes Jonathan Bender. Hit or miss, but that's what we have in this draft.