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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Chad Ford Has Wizards Taking Kawhi Leonard In Latest Mock

According to Chad Ford's latest NBA mock draft, the Washington Wizards' poor luck in the draft lottery will haunt them on Thursday.

With the sixth pick overall, Ford has the Wiz taking Kawhi Leonard, the forward out of San Diego State. This is no knock on Leonard as a player, but all reports indicate that the Wizards would much rather use their pick on Turkish big man Enes Kanter, or Czech small forward Jan Vesely (or Derrick Williams or Kyrie Irving, for that matter). Ford says they'll be off the board by the time the Wizards make their pick. 

Here's what big, rad Chad had to say about the selection:

The Wizards need rebounding and would love it if Enes Kanter was still on the board. They also have been huge fans of Vesely and would jump at the chance to take him here. But if they're both off the board, this pick comes down to Leonard, Tristan Thompson and Klay Thompson.

It might be a tough call for the Wizards, but the smart money is on Leonard. The Wizards have been all over him all year. He's tough, he's versatile and if he ever learns to really shoot the basketball ... watch out.

Ford also has the Wiz taking former Kansas big man Markieff Morris with the 18th overall pick, which would add another body to the frontcourt, giving JaVale McGee and company some help on the glass.With the 34th overall pick, Ford says the Wizards will take Travis Leslie, who he calls "perhaps the most athletic two-guard in the draft." With Jordan Crawford coming back and Nick Young likely doing the same, this seems more like a "best player available" pick than one that addresses a need.

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