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NBA Draft 2011 Rumors: Washington Wizards, Cleveland Cavaliers Discussing Trade Involving Enes Kanter

There appears to be a lot of smoke behind the idea that the Washington Wizards want Enes Kanter. The latest NBA Draft 2011 rumor comes from ESPN's Chad Ford, and it involves the Wizards moving up in a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the No. 4 pick and the right to select Kanter. Ford reports the Cavaliers prefer Jonas Valanciunas to Kanter, and want an extra first-round pick to move down.

The goal is to secure another first-round pick to compensate them for not getting Valanciunas to play this season. One potential scenario has the Wizards giving up Nos. 6 and 18 for the No. 4 pick. The caveat? Enes Kanter has to be there at No. 4 for the Wizards. If he's not, there's no deal.

Draft Express reported earlier that the Wizards offered the same package to Utah for the No. 3 pick, so it's clear they covet Kanter.

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