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2011 NBA Draft News: Washington Wizards Likely Picking 'Bigger Player,' According To Ernie Grunfeld

With less than 48 hours to go until the 2011 NBA Draft, Washington Wizards general manager Ernie Grunfeld provided a little hint as to what kind of player his team is targeting with their first pick at No. 6 overall. Grunfeld told reporters that the Wizards will be looking for a "bigger player" with that selection.

We're probably looking for a bigger player if possible, but you never know, if someone slips to us who could be a guard and could be ranked a lot higher then that's someone you take a look at. In all likelihood we will be looking for a front court player if possible.

That may lend credence to the rumors that the Wizards are considering moving up to select Enes Kanter, but according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, those dicussions have not happened.

I spoke with sources within the Wizards and Cavaliers organization and both denied that the teams have held any discussions about a possible swap of picks. Of course, that doesn't mean that nothing will happen by then.

Keep in mind that even small forwards like Jan Vesely and Kawhi Leonard probably qualify as "bigger players," given their length and athleticism.

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