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NBA Draft 2011: Wizards Take Jans Vesely In Latest Mock Draft

The 2011 NBA Draft is Thursday, which means Mock Draft season is reaching a fever pitch. But there's still plenty of uncertainty about who will be available for the Wizards to select with the sixth pick, and which player they're leaning toward taking (or if they'll even stay at that spot).

In his penultimate mock draft, SB Nation's Tom Ziller has Washington selecting Jan Vesely, a forward from Czech Republic.

It seems as if the Wizards have Kanter on top of their realistic wish list, with Vesely and Kawhi Leonard below him. If so, I think the longer Vesely is the choice. Leonard is more polished (especially on defense), but it's hard to pick a 6'7 small forward when you can take one who is 6'11.

This isn't too surprising. Vesley has been linked to the Wizards for a while, even as rumors persist about Washington moving up to try and nab Turkish center Enes Kanter.

Ziller isn't alone either. Nick Young said he'd love Vesely in Washington. One more day and we'll find out if he gets his wish.